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GX Fabric Cement Products

Guanxing Fabric and Lamination Products

A multinational supplier, shipping from China, Taiwan, and Vietnam, providing all manner of upper and lining fabrics and PUR lamination, Digital Direct Printing with a focus on sustainable, recycled materials and process.

Company Profile:

Guan xing-Company Profile.png
Fly Knit

Printed Vamps

Digital Printing, with high resolution

Printed Vamps

Fly Knit

High End, High Fashion



Better Than SBR

PUR Machine and e-Foam

High End, Eco Friendly Process

PUR Machine e-Foam


GX R103 Thru GX R144

GX Recycles


GX R063 Thru R102

LC - FW 2023 A

LC - A3072 Thru LC-A3015

LC - FW 2023 B

LC - A3016 Thru LC-A3071

LC FW 2023

GX FW 2023 C

GX - 14A001 Thru GX-14 A040

GX FW 2023 D

GX - 14D001 Thru GX-14 D066

GX - C-D

GX - SS 2023 A

SS2023A, GX14A001 thru 040: Upper Mesh and Fabrics, Polyester

GX - SS 2023 B

SS2023B, GX14B001 thru 074: Upper Mesh, Fabrics, Polyester, Cotton, Jute

GX SS 2023

LC - SS 2023 A

SS2023A, LC A2772 thru 2858 + LC11535 & LC 2907: WOVENS

LC - SS 2023 B

SS2023B, LCA2859 thru LCA2906: Linings and Spacer & RPET

LC SS 2023

Special Point

SPECIAL, Price Point GX-SU700 thru SU753 Mesh and Wovens

Special Point
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